worn on finger   Best DB set
worn on finger   Best PB set
worn on head   Best combo set
worn around neck   Top-end dodge set
worn around neck   Mid-end dodge set
worn on body   Low-end dodge set
worn about body   Naked
worn on arms  
worn on hands  
worn around wrist  
worn around wrist  
worn as shield  
worn about waist  
worn on legs  
worn on feet  
Str:   Dex:   Con:   Weapon:   Dodge:   Shield:   Mood:   Ride:

Armor  OB:   DB:   PB:   Total D:   Armor absorbs: %  Weight: lbs  Ward:

Version History

3/10/2002 - V1.0 Development in progress

  • If you have an item of equipment (except weapons) you would like to see added or corrected, MUDMAIL ME with its stats.
  • v0.4 beta released for testing. OB now working properly I think, as is ride and weapon warding. PB is still under development...
  • v0.3 beta released for testing. Tweaked PB, redid OB, added berserk and ride effects.
  • v0.2 beta released for testing
  • v0.1 beta released for testing


Analysis and programming by Paikah

Thanks to: Zarth and Dorien for helping me work out OB, Scion for providing debugging feedback.

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